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Upcoming CAC Events

Upcoming events

    • 08/30/2017
    • 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
    • Advanced Officer Training Facility
    Study Groups Meeting/Topics:

    Location: Click here for map/directions

    Optional Luncheon (12-1pm):
    Jersey Mike’s Sandwiches (choose from the following):
     1. Famous Roast Beef w/ Provolone (#6)
     2. Turkey Breast w/ Provolone (#7)
     3. Original Italian (Provolone, ham, prosciuttini, cappacuolo, salami pepperoni) (#13)
     4. Veggie (Swiss, provolone green bell peppers) (#14)

    All sandwiches come with lettuce & tomato. Condiments will be supplied on the side as well as onions, pickles pepperoncini, oil, red wine vinegar.

    Beverage choices include Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Red Gatorade, Yellow Gatorade, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist Twist, Lipton Green Tea Citrus, and Bottled Water

    Meal Cost:
    $12 for CAC Members / $14 for Non-Members

    Luncheon Speaker/Topic:

    Even if you are not purchasing a lunch, you MUST REGISTER if you plan on attending the lunch and/or study group meeting(s) to ensure yourself of a seat! 

    Registration Deadline for Lunch is 8/25/17

    • 09/25/2017
    • 8:00 AM
    • 09/29/2017
    • 12:00 PM
    • Duke Hotel, Newport Beach

    The CAC is Proud to Present the:
    Fall 2017 Seminar

    September 25-29, 2017
    Newport Beach, CA

    Full (non-student) registration includes all of the following:

    • Wednesday: general session, breaks, lunch, and wine & cheese reception.
    • Thursday: general session, breaks, lunch, and banquet ticket.
    • Friday: half-day general session and morning break.

    NOTE: Student prices (both Affiliate & non-member) DO NOT include lunches or banquet tickets!  If these are desired, purchase separately.

    • Additional daily PM break/lunch and/or banquet tickets may be purchased separately.
    • For info about available workshops, complete price-sheet, tentative schedule, and other info, click here!
    • For Workshop Only registration, select the "Workshop(s) Only" registration option and proceed to the next page to choose your workshop(s).

    Don't forget to make your hotel reservations:

    Reserve your room by clicking here.  Our negotiated rate of $158/night + taxes/fees is ONLY available online using this link.

    Early Registration Deadline: 8/24/17

Past events

05/09/2017 Spring 2017 Seminar Exhibitor Contract
05/09/2017 Spring 2017 Seminar
04/05/2017 Northern Study Group Meetings
03/29/2017 Southern Study Group Meetings
11/01/2016 Fall 2016 Seminar Exhibitor Contract
10/31/2016 Fall 2016 Seminar
10/13/2016 Northern Study Group Meetings
08/23/2016 Southern Study Group Meetings
06/09/2016 Northern Study Group Meetings
05/04/2016 Spring 2016 Seminar Exhibitor Contract
03/29/2016 Southern Study Group Meetings
12/10/2015 Northern Study Group Meetings
09/29/2015 Crime Scene Hazards, Explosives
09/23/2015 Fall 2015 Seminar Exhibitor Contract
09/21/2015 Fall 2015 Seminar
08/27/2015 Probabilistic Genotyping Workshop (North)
08/25/2015 Probabilistic Genotyping Workshop (South)
07/31/2015 Southern Study Group Meetings
05/20/2015 Northern Study Group Meetings
05/06/2015 Seminar Exhibitor Contract
05/04/2015 Spring 2015 Seminar
03/04/2015 Southern Study Group Meetings
12/10/2014 Northern Study Group Meetings
10/22/2014 Seminar Exhibitor Contract
10/20/2014 Joint CAC/NWAFS Fall Seminar
08/06/2014 Southern Study Group Meetings
05/15/2014 Northern Study Group Meetings
05/07/2014 Seminar Exhibitor Contract
05/06/2014 Spring 2014 Seminar
03/10/2014 Wound Pathology Course
02/27/2014 Southern Study Group Meetings
12/19/2013 Northern Study Group Meetings
11/13/2013 Southern Study Group Meetings
10/23/2013 Seminar Exhibitor Contract
10/21/2013 Fall 2013 Seminar
05/20/2013 Seminar Exhibitor Contract
05/20/2013 Spring 2013 Seminar
05/16/2013 Northern Study Group Meetings
03/12/2013 Southern Study Group Meetings
02/26/2013 Northern Study Group Meetings
11/05/2012 Fall 2012 Seminar
10/23/2012 Southern Study Group Luncheon
06/20/2012 Southern Study Group Luncheon
05/31/2012 Northern Study Group Luncheon
05/07/2012 Spring 2012 Seminar
01/31/2012 Southern Study Group Luncheon
01/25/2012 Northern Study Group Luncheon
12/12/2011 Basic Bloodstain Pattern Documentation and Interpretation Course
10/24/2011 Fall 2011 Seminar
08/11/2011 Southern Study Group Luncheon
06/01/2011 Northern Study Group Luncheon
05/16/2011 Spring 2011 Seminar
03/09/2011 Southern Study Group Luncheon
01/27/2011 Northern Study Group Luncheon
12/09/2010 Advanced DNA Mixture Interpretation Workshop (South)
12/07/2010 Southern Study Group Luncheon
12/06/2010 Advanced DNA Mixture Interpretation Workshop (North)
10/03/2010 Fall 2010 Seminar
08/11/2010 Southern Study Group Luncheon
06/24/2010 Dinner Meeting (following Study Group Meetings)
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