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Upcoming CAC Events

Upcoming events

    • 05/09/2017
    • 8:00 AM
    • 05/12/2017
    • 12:00 PM
    • Kabuki Hotel, San Francisco

    The CAC is Proud to Present the:
    Spring2017 Seminar

    May 9-12, 2017
    San Francisco, CA

    For the "Forensic Alcohol "Wet Lab" Study" registration, select "Workshop Only" and proceed through registration process.

    Full (non-student) registration includes all of the following:

    • Wednesday: general session, breaks, lunch, and wine & cheese reception.
    • Thursday: general session, breaks, lunch, and banquet ticket.
    • Friday: half-day general session and morning break.

    NOTE: Student prices (both Affiliate & non-member) DO NOT include lunches or banquet tickets!  If these are desired, purchase separately.

    • Additional daily PM break/lunch and/or banquet tickets may be purchased separately.
    • For info about available workshops, complete price-sheet, tentative schedule, and other info, click here!
    • For Workshop Only registration, select the "Workshop(s) Only" registration option and proceed to the next page to choose your workshop(s).

    Don't forget to make your hotel reservations:

    Reserve your room by clicking here.  Our negotiated rate of $179/night + taxes/fees is ONLY available online using this link.

    Early Registration Deadline: 4/14/17

    • 05/09/2017
    • 7:00 PM
    • 05/12/2017
    • 12:00 PM
    • Kabuki Hotel, San Francisco
    • 1

    Do you wish to participate in the Spring 2017 Seminar of the California Association of Criminalists (CAC) at the Kabuki Hotel in San Francisco? 

    • By proceeding with, and final submission of, this form, you agree to the chosen conditions and degree of involvement.  
    • Registration and/or Sponsorships are not confirmed until payment is received. 
    • Sponsorships are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

    All sponsors and donations will receive written and/or verbal recognition for their contributions.


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