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Semen Spatter Analysis

  • 04/01/2013 11:44 AM
    Message # 1256374

    Carolyn Gannett:

    I read your latest Ethics problem regarding "Semen Spatter Analysis" with interest.  There is some information not stated that I would like to know before I reach any conclusions regarding this scenario.

    1.            What was the question the detective was asking? Not in general but specifically?

    2.            What was the answer given by the DNA analyst that was approved by his supervisor?

    3.            Did either of the Bloodstain analysts look at the stain before rendering their opinions?

    4.            What is the meaning of "spatter" in this question?

    The answers to these questions will help resolve who, if anyone, is guilty of an ethics charge.

    The question to me is not whether or not an "ASCLD-LAB Guideline" was followed, but the bigger question regarding what is our ethical obligation to society and to the field.

    Jerry Chisum

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