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Lab Safety regarding Fentanyl?

05/11/2016 3:06 PM | Anonymous member

Hey CAC group... I pose this inquiry out to all who work in either controlled substance units or could be at risk.

We have recently (last several months) been receiving both tablet and powder cases that have had fentanyl either as the primary ingredient or is a secondary ingredient.  After attending a training last week hosted by the DEA, which included a chemist with a minor exposure experience, we have decided to go up in arms regarding safety procedures when working our cases, including attempting to convince our safety coordinator to get us a supply of Narcan.

I have been asked to put out the word to other labs to see what (if anything) you have done or may be doing to address this safety risk.

Thanks in advance!  
Rochelle Hranac (Rocki)  

Forensic Scientist III

AZ Dept of Public Safety, Central Lab

Phoenix, AZ 

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