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05/10/2010 3:44 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
This site was created mainly to keep the member records up-to-date and make it easier for CAC members to register for events.  Since all of your information is contained in your CAC Account, when you register for events in the future, you won't have to enter it all again.  This same process will speed up your annual dues payments as well.  I hope our members like it and find it a useful tool.  Please let us know your thoughts, in a constructive way, and we will constantly try to improve it.  Thanks!


  • 05/20/2010 7:12 AM | Anonymous member
    Hi guys. The "forgot password" tip helped, as the numeric you sent in the introductory email didn't let me in. BTW, did you see that the boilerplate "Terms of Use" I had to agree to in order to gain access requires a dispute resolution in CANADA? really?
    Anyway, looks very professional...nice work!
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  • 05/20/2010 8:59 AM | Anonymous member
    Great stuff!!! One concern - I do not like that "Home address" is a required field. I went to edit my work information and saw the red stars on the "home" fields, so I canceled out and didn't edit anything at this time. I have all work-related correspondence sent to my employer address. Would it be possible to make <u>one or the other</u> address mandatory? I don't know the extent of difficulty to make it 'either/or' in the database . . .
    Just my two cents. Otherwise, GREAT job - I'm a big fan!

    Ahem, also the ability to "Edit" posts, not just "delete" would be cool, too.
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  • 05/20/2010 7:42 PM | Anonymous member
    Good job with this site. I hope it makes administration of the CAC a little easier. With 120 members when I joined it was not so hard a job.
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  • 06/14/2010 9:48 AM | Anonymous member
    It would be very handy to have a direct link to jump back to the public site from the member's only site. Can that be done?
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    • 07/06/2010 5:56 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
      An excellent idea! I have added this to the column on the left. Please feel free to send any additional suggestions that may occur to you. Thanks!
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